Shanti Sat Shakti, about


I am a mendicant Jnana yogini who has given up the material life in order to walk a path of devotion to God by serving the spiritual needs of humanity.  Walking in the world without personal means (mendicant) I activate the give/receive cycle of unconditional love wherever I go.

3 years ago I embodied this intent as I walked across America in service to the Divinity unfolding through All, bringing awareness to Unconditional Love as the actual basis of all Life (2015 Pilgrimage Posts.)

I am guided by an American Guru and two very well known enlightened Indian Gurus.  My root Guru is American Guru Sat Shree (  My first Guru is Mata Amritanandamayi (commonly known as “Amma”, the hugging saint), and my heart Guru is Neem Karoli Baba (also the Guru of the infamous Ram Dass who wrote the 1960’s spiritual classic “Be, Here, Now”)

As I transform from an ego-driven life to a life of complete service to the Divine Self unfolding through every one, I seek support for my spiritual transformation aimed at social transformation (see “Global Peace Consciousness Raising Campaign“).

This website is dedicated as a portal to bringing forward more Truth, Love, Healing, Community, Beauty, Inspiration, Peace and Freedom as we explore the symbiosis of Soul.