Community Chalk-alogues: Dialogue without Angst

we believe

In these times of change more and more people are becoming aware of the need for better communication.  How we do or don’t communicate with each other has a big impact on shaping how we feel about ourselves, each other, our day, our communities and the actions we take as a result.  From family conflicts, facilitation of work flow or speaking out about social justice, environmental or political issues, communication plays a critical role in forging our society.

Community Chalk-alogues are a new way using a simple technology for immediate, direct and creative communication.  Sidewalk chalk has always been a fun play pal for children and when adults return to this simple medium of creative expression they find it a powerful tool to communicate what is in their hearts and on their minds anytime, anywhere, on the ground where we walk everyday.

Sidewalk chalk talk takes advantage of the “mindful moment” when truth rings our bell about a community issue that we want more people to hear our thoughts about.  Harkening back to the in-the-moment wisdom of our childhood days, chalk talk helps us say things that are sometimes hard to hear while clearing out our minds from the mental and emotional debris that builds up from unexpressed truths of experience.  It’s local grassroots community activism at its effortless best.

Perhaps one of its best features, sidewalk chalk talk, like communication from nature itself, is ephemeral and serendipitous.  Stumbling upon an inspiring quote or a fresh perspective inscribed on the ground we walk on is a fun experience and can influence reflection and stimulate community awareness.  A good rain will wash it away like a sand mandala, leaving the slate open and clear again for the next round of thoughtful community conversation.

Be ready for the next moment of truth to strike.  Carry a few pieces of sidewalk chalk when you go out for a walk around your neighborhood.  Sharing our joys and wisdoms immediately and in silent truth will grow a stronger, more mindful, more peaceful community consciousness and make conscious communication child’s play.