Global Peace Consciousness Events in Portland, Oct/Nov ’16

**  Welcome to Global Peace Consciousness EVENTS

in Portland this October/November: **


Gather round a sacred candle-fire to share stories, songs and a guided meditation of the journey of our Collective Soul — help co-create community by weaving together past, present and future into a dream fabric that will help guide us on our journeys of transforming our shadow into unconditional love.

WHEN:  Sunday October 30, 6:30-9:30pm
WHERE:  Bush St. Wellness Center, 5336 SE Bush St.
WHAT TO BRING:  Chair, cushion or backjack if desired, POTLUCK snack, personal and collective stories and songs of unconditional love, facing our shadow, inspiration, hope, courage, change, and dreams of where we’ve been, where we want to go and how we’ll get there.  Small Drums/Percussion. Hot Cider provided.

CONTACT:  Shanti Sat Shakti,, or 775-223-6184


2) GAIA invites you to gather together for ONE SONG SINGING:  A Community Movement Ritual for Healing our Collective Shadow and returning to Universal Unconditional Love

(FORMERLY known as: “100th Monkey Consciousness and FUNd-Raising Gathering”)

Gaia presides:  Come together, my children, come to my side.  It’s too long since we came together with care, to truly honor the One Being we are.  Come dance the truth of all bodies of our One Soul, so that I, Gaia can heal my/yourself whole.  We will heal the separation of our Being, our Shadow, so that you can carry on your work; as a tribe of beautiful wounded healers to heal this whole world going berserk.  Come bring yourselves into the loving field of my trusted Guide, who will wisely over these proceedings preside.  You are in good hands steadied by my guiding Light, that will see you safely through this sacred night.  Please join in this celebration of Unconditional Love, an Agape Love feast to activate the flight of the Global Peace Dove.

WHEN:  Saturday November 5th
doors open 7pm, close for Ritual 7:30, Completion 11ishWHERE:  Lenora’s Ballroom, 615 SE Alder St.
WHAT TO BRING:  For Agape Love Feast please bring vegan finger food lovingly prepared, personal fluff for yoga nidra if desired, water bottle, comfortable clothing

DONATION:  $15-20, no one turned away

Together we can do what we never could alone.

CONTACT: Shanti Sat Shakti,, or 775-223-6184

Shanti Sat Shakti is a visiting Jnana yogini dedicated to serving Source by serving humanity’s rise of Collective Consciousness returning to the state of Non-Violent Self-Giving.  She uses ritual, sacred movement, yoga nidra, storytelling, soundscapes and song to weave a healing container in which we can return to the peaceful wholeness of the One True Self we are.  For further info see about Shanti Sat Shakti.

For more info on the Inspiration and Purpose of the Global Peace Consciousness/FUNd-raising Campaign Events see: “Global Peace Consciousness Campaign” at