It’s not as important to know the answers
as it is to find the important questions.

 From within every act of violence, is a trapped Soul
crying for freedom, crying for Love.


There is no evil, only broken hearts trying to heal.

Commit to Inclusivity.

 The trouble is that we’ve forgotten to remember:
– who we are
– what we are doing
– why we are here
– the purpose behind this creation
When we remember, all is well.

Since we can generally only do one thing at a time,
it behooves us to do the most important thing.
However, a secluded secret in some circles,
the doing is actually not of the greatest importance.
Rather, it’s being in relation to what precipitates our decision to act
and to anything that would prevent us from taking the action.



Healing is removing the obstacles to Infinite Love.

Love is self-offering in consideration of the whole.

Awareness of all
Acceptance of all
Responding to all
Service to all.
Give and you shall Receive.
Receive in order to Give.

When one feels too overwhelmed to attend to outer doings,
it’s because one has not attended enough to the inner being.



Love Thyself
Know Thyself
Heal Thyself