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Dear Community,

It has been 6 years since I left Portland seeking Truth, Healing and Peace on the journey of a lifetime.  I found a healing path via the Truth-Consciousness of Jnana Yoga, the yoga of Self-Knowledge from the Bhagavad Gita — an ancient yogic text that describes the spiritual journey each of our Souls travels on its spiritual path to awakening, whether or not we are consciously aware of this great journey.
Studying, practicing and meditating this Truth Yoga, I have largely healed my PTSD, but subsequently found that I cannot totally heal until we totally heal our part of the collective “One Wound” within each of us.  Together we truly are One Being with One Consciousness.  I was astounded to find out that this ancient yoga is the very same Divine wisdom spanning ancestral to modern healing technologies along the lines of Shadow Work, Family Constellations, Love is Letting Go of Fear, Self as Oneness of Collective Consciousness and One Soul Wisdom.  Known by so many names and “different paths” but all addressing the Soul’s remembering, repairing and rekindling its source relationship with the One Original Vibration of Truth-Love Consciousness.
In our journey of awakening to the Truth of who we really are as the One Soul, it is at just this critical juncture in the evolution of our Collective Consciousness that we are beginning to become aware that we are collectively journeying along the lines of the same Intention — a commitment to healing ourselves FOR healing the world.At this time it has become very important that we channel our awareness to remember that we are COLLECTIVELY manifesting this common Intention, because the more we focus our awareness on the Truth that we are One Being with One Intention to heal and align with the Original Wholeness, the STRONGER will be our POWER to BECOME that Wholeness which will overcome the forces of separation, darkness, delusion, ignorance and greed that are obstacles to the manifestation of True, Non-violent, Non-Corruptible Peace on our planet.
Spiraling together our common Intention and re-connecting with our individual and collective Power is the manifestation of the One True Heart Song calling people all over the planet to re-align with the Original Truth-Love vibration.  This collective waking up process is showing us that learning to vibrate on the original frequency of Truth-Love consciousness and remembering and knowing ourselves as the One Self is what will truly set us free from both the spiritual and material suffering we’ve encountered for millennia.By taking both individual and collective responsibility to face the truth of our individual and collective Shadow, noncorruptible Peace and Unconditional Love are restored to our One Global Consciousness and we rediscover our more true power as the One True Self.  Right now we are actually not that far away from a Total Global Transformation of Human Consciousness to bring about a totally healed and whole, non-violent culture of True Peace.

This is a very doable and measurable project!
Since leaving Portland 7 years ago, I have become a mendicant yogini devoted to Spirit (see about Shanti Sat Shakti) and this possibility of Total Global Transformation is what brings me back to Portland to put on 2 events to raise Consciousness and funds to assist in effecting the Global Transformation.

PLEASE JOIN ME in 6 FUN and easy ways you can participate
in celebrating and co-creating a Portland iteration of the “Global Peace Consciousness and FUNd-raising Campaign” starting with:

“The Global Peace Consciousness Unconditional Love FUNd-raiser PARTY”
See Campaign and Party details at:  “Global Peace Consciousness Events

In order to co-create the One Heart vibration of the Consciousness and Fun-draiser Party, needed are a cadre of devoted Artists, DJs, performers for the “No-Talent” show, photo/videographers, media artists and VOLUNTEERS (free admission) vibrating their conscious creativity in service to the Global Transformation.  Send contact info to

SOUL STORIES:  A Community Evening of Storytelling and Song on October 15

See Details of these events at “Two Portland Global Peace Consciousness Events

CLICK HERE to explore 6 fun and easy ways to participate in helping make the dream of Planetary Non-Violence a lasting reality.


I feel so incredibly blessed for this opportunity to be a conscious part of Life self-healing itself and a part of communities that strive to consciously evolve to the level of consciousness of Unconditional Love in order to heal the world.

I look forward to seeing you all in and around Portland this October as the events spiral together and together we turn the healing wheel of Self-Remembering and Self-Giving (giving to Self through giving to other Self.)

Thank you for your co-participation!

Alone we can do nearly nothing, together nearly anything is possible.

May all beings be Free and Happy,


Shanti Sat Shakti (formerly “Ashanti”)

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