Symbiosis of Soul



The Greek roots of symbiosis mean “life together” and has come to mean two or more beings or groups living together in a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship.  As an individualistically oriented culture we currently live often competitively together mostly according to a very cursory and sometimes exaggerated treatment of the needs of our bodies and the mostly unconscious projections of our minds.  It seems to me that we have not yet fully nor consciously considered what it is to live together addressing not only the needs of the development of each soul, but also our imperative as individuals and as a society to heal, integrate and evolve by a true reckoning of the relationships amongst the body, mind and soul, both individual and collective and ultimately in relationship and collaborative partnership with the Universal Spirit.

The “First Soul” speaks of the one essence from which all of existence arises — the one conscious power that has developed all the various forms, physical, energetic and etheric of the entire Universe.  To know the relationship between this ground of Being and God is to know the nature of existence itself.  With this knowledge of whence one and all comes, one can know how to be a master of oneself that can successfully unfold one’s true destiny into the human co-creation for the purpose of consciously participating in the evolution of the entire Universe so that Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love, Beauty, and Integrity and are served and sustained for the benefit of all.




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